This site-specific installation created from 2009 to 2010 and located in North Asheville (NC) on private land, is a good example of two parts of my life coming together – the artist and the landscaper. The owner, a poet and teacher, encouraged me to approach her landscaping needs artistically and in unconventional ways. The serpentine runs along a large ravine and was, on the one hand, created to contain a large amount of cleared brush and on the other, to sculpturally define an unused piece of her property. The evolution of this sculpture continues, as more brush is generated from the property. It rises and settles, as seasons pass and new debris is added. The serpentine has transformed an otherwise overgrown area of land into a playful and thoughtful area, adding habitat for wildlife and a unique visual element to the landscape.

2' x 516' x 20"
61cm x 157m x 51cm


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