magnet mafia 2007

between november 2007 and january 2008, spondere teamed up with magnet mafia to facilitate a magnetic street art exchange between denver street artists and austrian artists and elementary school classes. alicia, heidi and donna took both painted and unpainted 1'x 1' magnets to Austria.

Magnet Mafia, organized by Harrison Nealey & Matt Feeney, is a Denver-based group of street artists who create art on magnets and "put them up" in the streets and galleries of Denver and around the world. Their intent is to share art, encourage people's awareness of their environment through interaction, and promote magnetic street art as an art form.

Painted magnets were installed throughout austria and group painting events were held, with the austrian painted magnets being returned to denver for distribution. Matter Studio hosted a short exhibition of the

Austrian magnets prior to their distribution in Denver. during the reception, photos of the Denver painting events and Austrian events/distribution were on display. some of the Austrian magnets eventually ended up all over the world, including Ireland, London, San Francisco, and Toronto. Austrian magnet placements shown here are in Altmünster, Gmunden, Graz, Hallstatt, Kirchdorf, Kufstein and Vienna. I've included some images twice – once during the "placement", then again with just the magnet. the magnets are sometimes hard to see, especially if graffiti is present.

Bilder-Anschläge der Magnet-Mafia [English translation]


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