life line

a collaborative project with juliane leitner

‘Lifeline’ rapidly evolved from the gift of 14 porcelain clothespins into a collaboration with Julia Leitner. Our discussions resulted in images, ideas and associations of what a clothespin represents in society, past and present. Julia’s original project involving these porcelain clothespins had also explored similar phrases and associations from the Austrian perspective. An intensive German to English and English to German translating session resulted in the phrases on each ‘clothespin’. The image of the clothespin, and how it relates to life-relationships, holds both negative and positive connotations. It literally becomes a lifeline of how we relate to one another as human beings…our needs, our desires, our fears and our exploitations.

watch a process video on YouTube

life line
sheet metal, mild steel, greek leather, porcelain, graphite
9.5" x 22" x 6.5"


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